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‘I Love Mondays!’: Don’t Get Mad, And Don’t Get Even


About This Video

“I Love Mondays!” appears (you guessed it) every Monday on the Retail Best Practices website and newsletter. The goal of the video series, which stars George Anastasopoulos, the founder and head coach at Leadership Fundamentals Inc., is to help you get your week started on a powerful note.

You might think it’s odd, but Anastasopoulos truly loves Mondays. Yeah, Mondays typically bring piles of work, problems to solve and a to-do list longer than your arm. But it’s Anastasopoulos’ intention to get people to transform themselves and those around while at work — even on Mondays.

Anastasopoulos’ company aims to transform managers into leaders, where they do less, accomplish more, make a difference and create a culture shift. Anastasopoulos is a former corporate manager, executive and leader who spent 20 years with consumer packaged goods companies such as Pepsi-Cola and General Mills. He has worked extensively with retailers.

In this video, Anastasopoulos talks about confrontational cultures in the workplace, specifically those with a “don’t get mad, get even” mantra. But Anastasopoulos stresses that getting mad and getting even will get you nowhere.