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James Beard House takes VR Dining to the Next Level


Aerobanquets RMX combines virtual reality, food and fantasy to offer participants a multi-sensory journey. The seven-course, hour-long, mind-altering art and dining experience at the James Beard House is about “reframing” perceptions and changing the way people experience food.

“I clung to the table’s edge or straightened my posture to avoid drowning in a quick-rising milky ocean…I disregarded reality, keenly aware and unaware, the master of the food and the surreality of the visuals amplifying each other,” said Richard Morgan, Bloomberg Magazine. 

The experience is inspired by the Futurist Cookbook, the (in)famous Italian compendium of surreal recipes and fantastical dinners published in 1932. 

Click here for more information or to purchase tickets. 

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