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Kroger Not Backing Down from Amazon, Walmart in E-commerce Marketplace


Kroger Ship will expand to offer an extended ship-to-home assortment through a marketplace offering of third-party sellers.

The Kroger Co. is keeping up with the Joneses, in this case Amazon and Walmart, which both offer powerful e-commerce marketplaces.

Now Kroger has beefed up its own e-commerce marketplace.

Kroger is the largest traditional grocery chain in the U.S., operating more than 2,500 stores under more than 20 banners. The Cincinnati-based retailer’s extended e-commerce marketplace is expected to be formidable and more competitive with Amazon and Walmart.

Kroger is utilizing its delivery service, Kroger Ship, in the new endeavor. Kroger Ship will expand to offer an extended ship-to-home assortment through a marketplace offering of third-party sellers powered by Mirakl, a software platform enabling B2C and B2B digital marketplaces.

“Our customers are increasingly turning to our e-commerce solutions provided at Kroger.com for their grocery and household essential needs,” said Jody Kalmbach, Kroger’s group vice president of product experience, in a statement. “To better serve our customers, we’re continuing to invest in technology that enables us to expand our digital services to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere. Leveraging Mirakl’s marketplace solution, we are broadening Kroger’s ship-to-home capabilities by offering more relevant products for our customers through exciting new partnerships with reputable third-party sellers.”

Kroger Ship, which launched in August 2018, will offer customers an extended aisle of products made available through marketplace partners. Initially, more than 50,000 additional items will be available to customers across multiple categories, including natural and organic, international food, specialty items, housewares and toys.

“Kroger has long been a retail giant, and by integrating an online marketplace into its leading e-commerce experience, Kroger is continuing to lead from the front,” said Adrien Nussenbaum, CEO and co-founder of Mirakl. “It’s clearer than ever that digital marketplaces are the foundation of the next generation of commerce, and we look forward to supporting Kroger as it takes advantage of this opportunity.”

Kroger’s marketplace products are expected to launch this fall.

In Kroger’s first quarter this year, its digital sales grew 92%.


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