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Survey Delves Into the Minds of Holiday-Shopping Consumers



According to a new survey, 30% of holiday shoppers say they would rather step on a Lego than get stuck in a holiday store crowd this season. Ouch!

Actually, we’re surprised the number isn’t higher. Also, considering the upsurge in online sales this year, the chances of getting stuck in a holiday store crowd could be much smaller.

Back to the survey, conducted by Lehi, Utah-based 97th Floor, a digital marketing agency that commissioned an independent research study of 1,000 U.S. shoppers to uncover insights into Black Friday and holiday shopping trends amid the 2020 pandemic.

Key highlights from the 97th Floor’s 2020 Holiday Shopping Consumer Study include:

• 68% of shoppers say they plan to do most of their shopping online this year because of COVID-19.

• 52% of shoppers say they expect they’ll never shop in person again for the holidays.

• 48% of shoppers worry more about having a holiday package stolen from their doorstep than catching COVID-19.

• 45% of shoppers say they are more likely to get injured in a Black Friday doorbuster sale than catch COVID-19.

• 81% of shoppers say that even if retailers offer great in-store experiences for the holidays, they’re still not sure they’d want to shop in person.

• 19% of shoppers want to change the term “Black Friday” to something less racial.

• One in three shoppers say they plan to wear a mask even when shopping online this holiday.

• Only 20% say they’re definitely in “a shopping mood” this holiday season.

• 88% of parents aren’t sure they will let their kids sit on Santa’s lap this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

• 54% of shoppers say they want to do their holiday shopping by early November to avoid crowds.

• 73% of shoppers plan to spend as much or less as last season.

• Only 26% of people who have been to a midnight Black Friday doorbuster say it was worth it.

“The results confirmed our expectations while introducing new factors into 2020’s holiday shopping experience,” says 97th Floor CEO Paxton Gray. “Nearly every retail business has high hopes for the holiday season sales bump this year, but this year will be unlike any before. There is a lot marketers can do to create systems that allow for quick pivots and increased revenue this holiday season.”

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