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True Value Co. to Begin Manufacturing Hand Sanitizer, Cleaning Products


True Value Co. is converting part of its manufacturing facility in Cary, Ill., to begin producing hand sanitizer, essential cleaning and sanitizing products. The first several thousand gallons of hand sanitizer produced will be donated to its 4,500 hardware stores throughout the United States for employees to protect themselves against COVID-19 while serving customers.

The wholesaler expects to begin shipping hand sanitizer to stores in early to mid-April. As more material is sourced, True Value said it will increase production to help ease the public’s need.

In addition to hand sanitizer, True Value will also manufacture essential cleaning and sanitizing products such as hand soap, all-purpose cleansers with and without bleach, and degreasing cleanser. The company said it is quickly producing these items to meet retailers’ demand.

“In state after state, hardware stores have been declared ‘essential’ and permitted to stay open,” True Value President and CEO John Hartmann said in a press release. “From hand sanitizer to tools and home maintenance products to farm and ranch items, local hardware stores play a critical role in keeping homes and communities up and running.”