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‘The Lempert Report’: Why Shoppers Aren’t Ready to Stop Eating Meat


About This Video Series

The Lempert Report” is a video series that features national food trends analyst Phil Lempert, also known as the “Supermarket Guru.” The videos appear Monday through Thursday on the Retail & Hospitality Hub and Tuesday through Friday via The Hub’s daily e-newsletter, “Retail Best Practices.” In the videos, Lempert comments on various issues affecting food and food retailing.

Lempert is the founder of SupermarketGuru.com, a leading online resource for food safety, products, trends and shopping tips that attracts more than nine million visitors annually.

In this video of “The Lempert Report,” Lempert discusses a University of Buffalo study that found when people feel guilty over animal welfare issues, they don’t tend to avoid meat. Instead, they go with a healthier option to justify their lifestyle.