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3-D Printing Used to Create Vegan-friendly Fish-based Products


FELIXprinters, which offers 3-D printing solutions, recently introduced the BIOprinter, which was developed on the chassis of the established FELIXprinters product line. The BIOprinter is characterized by key features that are specifically designed for medical, scientific and research applications. However, in recent months a group of international students has developed a 3-D printing technique that enables them to print complex binders and proteins into plant-based fish alternatives, and at the heart of this research is the BIOprinter.

The trio of students from The University of Gothenburg, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) started to work together on the project in 2017. During a research project to use 3-D printing to develop treatments for neurodegenerative disorders, the team realized that similar techniques could be applied to 3-D print plant-based proteins. Identifying a gap in the market within the seafood sector for more structured vegan-friendly fish-based products, the team began developing its plant-based alternative.

The step forward in the technology is the ability to create seafood products with complex structures that is impossible using traditional extrusion technologies, and this was achieved through the use of the BIOprinter, according to FELIXprinters, which is headquartered in IJsselstein, the Netherlands.

The process is set to be launched commercially under the trading name Legendary Vish, with the aim of providing a healthier and tastier alternative to existing vegan-friendly fish substitutes.

The key driver behind the use of 3-D printing for fish production centers around sustainability issues, addressing the fact that many of the world’s fisheries are at the moment pushed beyond their biological limits, according to FELIXprinters.


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