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An Innovative Take on Cornbread


First Capitol Baking says it will introduce a new product category when its cornbread debuts in grocery stores this summer. But this is not the cornbread that people have had before.

The Burlington, Iowa-based company is adding a twist to the perennial favorite. The cornbread it’s introducing is not a rectangle corn cake — it is a loaf of bread made with sweet corn. There will also be hamburger and hot dog buns, and dinner rolls. Iowa is known for its corn, and the company worked with one of its suppliers to develop the recipe.

First Capitol Baking also plans to grow its product line beyond cornbread with pastry products, including new strudel blends. In addition, there will be a line of zero-net-carb bread to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

The company is also is working on a mill baking line of breads with extended shelf lives, using ingredients such as vinegar.