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Company says ‘phade’ is Breakthrough Biodegradable Drinking Straw


WinCup has created a new drinking straw called phade, which the company says is a breakthrough marine biodegradable drinking straw made with PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate), a substrate derived from canola oil. The straw is also compostable in home and industrial environments, and phade maintains the feel and user experience of a traditional plastic straw, according to the Stone Mountain, Ga.-based company.

“phade is the last straw people will ever need,” said WinCup CEO Brad Laporte. “This unique product biodegrades and composts in a matter of months while meeting consumers’ needs and high expectations without sacrificing performance. phade is created with natural biopolymers, allowing it to return to nature as safely and as quickly as possible. WinCup’s scalability allows us to make this straw available nationally.”

The development of phade involved a rigorous testing and certification process, according to WinCup. This includes TUV AUSTRIA, a globally recognized independent third- party certifying body. TUV determined that the phade material will biodegrade in a marine or soil environment and compost in both industrial and backyard settings. BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute Inc.) has also verified that phade is compostable in an industrial environment. phade also complies with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) food contact safety regulations for cold drinks.