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Ferrara Candy Puts New Spin on Old Holiday Favorites


Ferrara Candy Co. has introduced new seasonal candies and cookies that the company says taps familiar holiday memories and creates new experiences, especially as families spend more time at home. The Chicago-based company said it’s offering surprising twists on classics like NERDS Candy Canes, BRACH’s Giant Candy Canes, SweeTARTS Twisted Holiday Punch Ropes, Keebler Fudge Stripes Mini Wreaths, along with Mother’s Reindeer Games Circus Animal Cookies. New takes on holiday traditions include The Elf on the Shelf Fruit-Flavored Snacks and Keebler’s Make-a-Wreath Cookie Decorating Kit.

“Holidays bring back the best memories, so we want to remind everyone of the seasonal staples they grew up with and have come to know and love,” said Mariah Havens, director of seasonal confections at Ferrara Candy Co. “However, we continue to introduce new, innovative takes on hot brands and perennial favorites that everyone has come to expect from Ferrara.”