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FiltaShield Can Help Businesses Sanitize and Restore Consumer Confidence


Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions (Filta), which offers products for active kitchen management and environmental sustainability in the restaurant and hospitality leader, has launched FiltaShield, a new sanitizing service and thermal temperature screening to help restore consumer confidence as businesses reopen across the U.S. and stay-at-home orders are lifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Orlando, Fla.-based company said its comprehensive package of services and products were designed specifically to help businesses keep their staff and customers as safe as possible while re-energizing our economic growth.   

FiltaShield applies an EPA-registered broad-spectrum disinfectant that kills 99 percent of bacteria, fungi, molds and enveloped viruses within minutes. The anti-viral solution is colorless and odorless after drying and has been developed for use in restaurants, bars, shops, offices, hotels as well as healthcare facilities, universities, entertainment venues and more. The solution is non-abrasive, non-corrosive and is applied to any surface by spraying a light mist. The mixture is eco-friendly, naturally derived, non-abrasive and composed of mild surfactants to produce an environmentally responsible sanitizer and disinfectant, according to the company. No rinse is required, even on food contact surfaces. Businesses treated with FiltaShield receive certification proving the date of service and areas cleaned, helping to provide the confidence of a virus-free environment.

Before deploying FiltaShield, Filta completes a detailed threat analysis to determine the level of cleaning, sanitization and any additional steps necessary, to protect against harmful bacteria, germs and viruses. Recognizing the need for the increased assessment of customer and employee temperatures.

Filta has also developed a series of thermographic cameras that can be rapidly deployed as free-standing elevated temperature screening stations. They are quickly installed, easy to operate and require minimal intervention. The Solo system can screen one person every two seconds while the Hi-Flow system can screen up to 30 people per second.


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