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Foodnerd Launches Raw and Sprouted Overnight Breakfast Kits


Foodnerd Inc., a Buffalo, N.Y.-based company committed to plant-based superfoods, recently launched raw and sprouted overnight breakfast kits. The grab-and-go style pop-up bowl comes in multiple flavors including cinnamon apple, chocolate goji berry, coconut fig and wild blueberry, and two bases — sprouted chia pudding or sprouted oats.

Foodnerd harvests the sprouts at the beginning of the growth phase, leaving the oats highly concentrated in nutrients. Overnight Kits are named for their preparation process, add milk or a plant-based milk alternative, shake and leave in the refrigerator overnight. Before consumption, shake and add a sweetener of choice if preferred.

Overnight Kits are available on the Foodnerd Inc. website.

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