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Simple Tool Removes Ticks Easily


Spring is here, which means people and their dogs are heading outdoors more often to get some much-needed sunshine. Unfortunately, disease-spreading ticks will be waiting for them, which is why retailers need to carry the Original Tick Key™.

This small aluminum device fits easily in a pocket or on a keychain and helps users quickly and easily remove ticks from their own or pets’ skin.

“This product has a large opening so it can go over the tick,” explains Donna Lucente, CEO of TickKey International Inc. “When you’re sliding it flush against the skin, the pet just feels like somebody’s petting them. They don’t feel anything until you get to that point where the tick is in the end of the slot and you give it that final pull. That natural forward leverage removes the tick head and mouthparts from the host. So it makes tick removal much, much easier.”

The Original Tick Key™ comes in 20 different colors and can be turned into a private-label product via laser engraving. You can read about it here or learn how to be a retailer or distributor of the Original Tick Key™ here.