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Sun-Maid Debuts Yogurt-Covered Raisins for a Healthy Halloween Treat


Sun-Maid recently launched a new better-for-you snack for Halloween: raisins covered in both chocolate and peanut butter yogurt, as well as peanut butter and jelly flavor mashups.

The yogurt-covered raisins are non-GMO and made with natural flavors. The chocolate and peanut butter combination is made with whole fruit with a raisin at the core, surrounded by a creamy mix of rich chocolate and nutty peanut butter. The treat is inspired by the peanut butter cup.

The classic peanut butter and jelly marriage is made with strawberry jelly and packs a sweet and savory punch. Sun-Maid’s new mashups are available at retailers nationwide, including Kroger and Ahold.

For a limited time, Sun-Maid released limited edition glow-in-the-dark packaging for its Sour Raisin Snacks in a variety of flavors, and Yogurt Covered Raisins.