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HUB-Supply Chain Supply Chain Case Studies

Skilled Staff, Proprietary Technology and Service Help PerfX Avoid Commoditization

The supply chain goal is to make PerfX more centralized and leverage its spend, while leaving autonomy where it makes sense.

PerfX Wireline Services has “grown tremendously” in the last two years, according to Kelly Goldwait, vice president of supply chain management, and has captured half of the market share in North Dakota, while also doubling its presence in the Midland Basin. The company plans to maintain that pace of growth without sacrificing its focus on service, and Goldwait is confident in its ability to achieve this because of PerfX’s “culture and spirit,” as well as its dedication to solving problems collaboratively for success.

“We have a really great reputation because we hire the best field people and we are able to retain them,” she explains. “There is a scrappy, entrepreneurial spirit in this company, and that is what we feel lends to our success.”

Founded in 2014 during the downturn in the oil markets, PerfX grew from the start and now is known for its cased-hole wireline services, specializing in pump-down perforating operations. With its experience and well-tenured staff, Goldwait says, PerfX offers proprietary processes and engineered solutions to deliver cost-neutral results, increase operational efficiencies and accommodate any challenge. The company also takes pride in its ability to run any perforating gun system safely, efficiently and effectively.

“We have a culture of openness here — there is input from all levels,” Goldwait says. “Our management team is boots on the ground with multiple touchpoints, and they spend most of their time talking with employees and engaging with them, not just sitting behind a desk. We walk the talk with extensive onboarding and various training programs, laying out a path for advancement for those who want it. We mainly promote from within, so everyone can see others on successful paths. Honesty and communication helps to drive the culture here.”

An Optimized Chain

With all the growth PerfX has achieved through the support of its culture, Goldwait wants the company’s supply chain to further advance what PerfX can do. She explains she was brought on to build a best-in-class supply chain, and her current focus is to establish a strong category management team. She looks for people who are process-oriented and have strong process-management and change-management skills, because this team needs to work with operations as well as the company’s R&D group to help realize current initiatives. The goal is to make PerfX more centralized and leverage its spend, while leaving autonomy where it makes sense.

The company’s biggest challenge, Goldwait notes, is the “excess horsepower in the marketplace” and the commoditization of wireline services. However, by continuing to provide a high level of service and innovative technology, PerfX believes it will continue to be highly sought after in the market.

PerfX receives its products from third-party manufacturers and third-party assemblers, and Goldwait wants to optimize that chain while ensuring its field operators have everything they need to work efficiently and safely. There are many components to this, but she is leveraging how it all comes together. 

“We are optimizing our strategic vendor space with meaningful KPIs, as well as working to optimize our proprietary modular gun system,” Goldwait explains. “Our customers are asking for longer and longer gun strings, and our XConnect system makes sure it happens seamlessly and as fast as possible. Well operators want to make as many runs as possible and as effectively as they can, and our system is enhanced with features that will help make misruns obsolete.

“Other companies don’t execute to the same level we do, and that gives us an opportunity to bid and win work for many different companies,” she continues. “The way our team has tackled our growth and poised us to be on location, executing as efficiently as we do is amazing. Our president knows everyone’s name and is active in running the business, and it’s definitely all-in together because everyone’s input is important.”