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Supply Chain Industry Updates

How to Procure Career Success

iStock/Julia Garan

Smart organizations know the strategic value of the procurement function and the role it plays in their growth. As a smart procurement professional who recognizes your own value, do you ever think about developing a strategy to move up the next rung (or two) on the procurement career ladder?

“A career in procurement is rarely a linear progression from bottom to top in a straight line,” the networking organization Procurious observes. “You may start off with grand ambitions to reach the top within 10 years, but fast-tracking your career isn’t necessarily the best or only way to become a chief procurement officer.”

Procurious says professional development is key to the success of upwardly minded professionals. “Probably the key skills professionals need to consider to keep up against emergent trends include risk management, business intelligence to help enable change, digital skills to accommodate new ways of working in a new normal world and executive presence to ensure that the right messages are delivered to the right people at the right time — and they listen to them.” 

Several best practice areas can help procurement professionals (or any professional, for that matter) develop their careers. According to Procurious, they are:

  • Education and professional development — This includes pursuing accreditations, developing “soft” or behavioral skills and keeping pace with developing priorities such as sustainability.
  • Your experience — Procurious says a good resume should trigger “employee FOMO” so that prospective employers can’t imagine not having you on staff.
  • Your employer — Does it provide a career track for people in your profession?
  • Relationship management — These are among the soft skills mentioned in the first bullet point. They include both your communication skills and ability to demonstrate empathy.
  • Your personal brand –– This involves demonstrating thought leadership by participating in webinars or creating content relevant to your profession.

In a new article, “How to Build your Five-Year Procurement Career Roadmap,” Procurious also advises professionals on how to deal with the inevitable bumps in their careers. “Consider your ‘roadmap’ as a plan to be changed and prepare for this in the same way you would manage risk in your supply chain,” it says.