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Supply Chain Industry Updates

Intel Unveils Faster Way to Measure Packages


A company whose microprocessors might be powering the digital device you are using right now has introduced a technology that it says will improve efficiency and accuracy in warehouse operations.

Intel® RealSense™ Dimensional Weight Software (DWS) uses the world’s smallest LiDAR Camera to scan and calculate the measurement and volume of an object in less than two seconds. Objects can range from boxes as small as 5 cubic centimeters to full-size pallets. Intel said DWS allows for fast decision-making across receiving, inventory management and shipping without disruption to existing processes.

“Accuracy and speed are paramount in the logistics industry, and with real-time access to the data calculated by Intel RealSense DWS, companies can save time and money through the digital transformation of previously manual tasks,” Intel said this week.

A fulfillment center can be a demanding environment, but RealSense already has been tested in an arena that’s on a whole other level. Two years ago, the NBA and a company called RSPCT used the technology in tandem with a backboard-mounted camera to track within millimeters where balls crossed the rim, as well as where players were shooting from, and the speed and angle of their shots.  

“For every player, not only can we now know exactly where every ball went, but … you can see where a player should try and take shots from because you can see from which position their shooting is most consistent,” Intel said.


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