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Report: Biden Admin Presents ‘Opportunity’ to Fix Global Supply Chain Challenges


There are no blue supply chains or red supply chains, but the politics of a presidential administration can have a profound impact on global supply chain relationships. In an attempt to predict how the new administration might impact businesses in the Western Hemisphere, law firm Baker McKenzie and the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center released “The Biden-Harris Administration and the Future of Supply Chains in the Americas.”

The paper examines the U.S. role in advancing the development of greater commercial integration among countries and the policies the new administration might enact to help protect supply chains from major disruptions. Supply chain technologies, sustainability and economic development also are discussed.

“This unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has pushed our hemisphere’s suppliers to the brink as they strive to diversify, expand and increase production facing new challenges by the day,” Jason Marczak, director of the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center, said in a statement. “With a Biden Administration that fundamentally believes in working alongside partners and allies, we have the opportunity to implement shared solutions to the truly global challenge of getting goods into the hands of consumers at one of the most challenging times in our history.”

The paper features the contributions of 17 trade experts from Baker McKenzie and other organizations including Boeing, 3M and Dow.

Christina Conlin, a partner with Baker McKenzie’s International Commercial Practice Group, wrote that the business community is looking for more “certainty” in 2021 with the expectation that the new White House team will provide “quick, clear guidance on its intended tax, labor and trade policies to support diversification of the supply chain.”

“While company leaders may not appreciate, nor agree with, all or some of the administration’s policies, they will nonetheless appreciate knowing toward which direction they need to pivot, and how these policies will impact their companies’ supply chain investment and strategy,” Conlin noted.

“As the United States navigates its way out of this multi-pronged health crisis, a resilient, nimble and technologically advanced supply chain in the Americas will aid in the recovery,” added Jennifer Trock, partner and chair of Baker McKenzie’s North America International Commercial Practice Group and Global Aviation Group.

The full paper can be found here.