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They’ve Got Your Size, But What About Your Values?


Concern about sustainability practices in the apparel supply chain has grown in recent months, although price remains the top priority of customers when buying clothes in today’s economy.

54% percent of sustainability leaders at apparel and textile brands surveyed said customers’ demands for more environmentally sustainable practices and products had grown since the beginning of the pandemic, and 42% said that those customers had become more vocal. The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, which conducted the survey, said almost half of respondents “seemed to believe that their customers are more likely to hold them accountable at the register for those actions – almost half (48%) said they believed customers would switch brands if their company didn’t meet its sustainability commitments.”

“It’s clear that COVID-19 has caused economic challenges up and down the supply chain, but this survey shows that companies and their customers remain focused on sustainability,” said Dr. Gary Adams, president of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol.

The top two priorities among customers were “getting the best possible deal” and “brand or retailer alignment with their personal values,” according to the survey results.

The apparel industry’s sustainability efforts tend to focus on manufacturing, sourcing of raw materials and traceability, the survey said.


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