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Supply Chain Industry Updates

U.S. Supply Chain Shows Up on Campaign Trail


You know we’re living in interesting times when supply chains become an issue in the 2020 presidential race.

On Tuesday, the campaign for former Vice President Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic nominee, unveiled a plan to “rebuild U.S. supply chains and ensure the U.S. does not face future shortages of critical equipment.” The plan focuses on three strategies:

  • “Use the full power of the federal government to rebuild U.S. domestic manufacturing capacity of our supply chains for critical products;
  • “Implement a comprehensive approach to ensure the U.S. has the critical supplies it needs for future crises and its national security; and
  • “Work with allies to protect their supply chains and to open new markets to U.S. exports.”

“The U.S. needs to close supply chain vulnerabilities across a range of critical products on which the U.S. is dangerously dependent on foreign suppliers,” the Biden campaign said. “America needs a stronger, more resilient domestic supply chain in a number of areas, including energy and grid resilience technologies, semiconductors, key electronics and related technologies, telecommunications infrastructure and key raw materials.”

The Trump administration, which has called for the reshoring of manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, had no immediate response to the Biden plan.


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