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BNSF Logistics Delivers What Matters

COO Nancee Ronning shares how BNSF Logistics delivers what matters to its employees, customers, suppliers and communities.

The promise and the power behind BNSF Logistics, LLC — a Berkshire Hathaway company and subsidiary of Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC — lies in its purpose: “We Deliver What Matters.” The company’s mantra encompasses not only the services it provides to its customers, carriers, and suppliers, but first and foremost to its people.

“Having our purpose and guiding principles woven into our DNA enables us to quickly figure out how to deliver what matters during these unprecedented times,” Chief Operating Officer (COO) Nancee Ronning says. “By having a solid foundation for what we stand for and find important at our core, we can start each day focusing on the needs of our employees, customers, and suppliers. We then collaborate to make things happen.”

BNSF Logistics develops, manages, and executes scenario-based solutions for moving freight around the globe. “We have dedicated and creative people with vast industry expertise, a broad and unique suite of transportation, project, and engineering services, and an insatiable drive to help each other and those we serve,” Ronning says. “We stand out as an organization because even in times of difficulty, we live by our guiding principles and continue to invest in the growth of our people and our business.”

Ronning joined BNSF Logistics in 2018, bringing more than 20 years’ experience growing companies faster and in new ways, and was recently named COO. During her time at BNSF Logistics, Ronning has brought a unique perspective to the company’s strategic transformation, adding rigor and accountability to every area she has touched.

“We are a people-first company. Our guiding principles — protecting the well-being of self and others, driving innovation, embracing transformation, respecting everyone, keeping our commitments, fostering collaboration, promoting inclusiveness, and enjoying the journey — set a strong foundation for everyone to bring and do their best.”

BNSF Logistics’ culture thrives on the ability to innovate and grow by embracing the toughest situations as opportunities to transform and deliver value. “In this challenging time, staying connected, using all of our talents, and knowing we are all in this together allows us to adapt and respond quickly to customers’ needs, ensuring their businesses are thriving as well,” Ronning says.

Turning Words into Actions Amid the Pandemic

When COVID-19 hit, BNSF Logistics knew it needed to make informed decisions and continue to prioritize protecting the well-being of its people. Enabled by the company’s investment in technology, most employees began working from home within 24 hours. As a business in the critical infrastructure sector of transportation and logistics, employees continued to work in BNSF Logistics’ offices and project sites. The company ensured those employees worked in safe conditions and expressed appreciation for their commitment to deliver these essential services as the world moved to new ways of working.

BNSF Logistics also leveraged its collaborative, smart technology and expanded its customer teams to ensure reliable, personal, and proactive service. “Every BNSF Logistics employee jumped in to help our customers and carriers at the beginning of the pandemic,” says Ronning. “It’s never been just a transaction for us — our company is committed to ensuring people get what they need and when they need it, across the country and around the world. That perspective helped us during the early days of uncertainty.”

The most important thing Ronning says BNSF Logistics did was keeping the lines of communication open and connecting people while working in remote environments. By frequently asking questions, the company listened closely to ensure it heard its employees’ voices. BNSF Logistics’ President, Dan Curtis, frequently communicated information to educate, empathize with, and inspire employees. Topics included tips on how to work from home, managing stress, and information on the employee assistance program, state-of-the-business videos, highlighting remote offices on social media, and celebrating employees’ hard work.

In addition to its employees, BNSF Logistics supported organizations within communities in which its employees live. For example, BNSF Logistics donated to the Austin, Texas Fire Department Station 23 to install a washer and dryer so first responders could disinfect clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE). When a customer requested an expedited delivery of PPE from Virginia to the United States Naval Ship (USNS) Comfort docked in New York City, BNSF Logistics had equipment ready in hours and delivered the cargo the next morning. 

Other contributions included meals for truck drivers through the NorCal food truck in Sacramento, California; food to the Saint Vincent DePaul Food Pantry in Versailles, Ohio; snacks and drinks to the emergency room staff at Mercy Hospital in Springdale, Arkansas; and funds donated to the Feed Northland Kids program in North Kansas City, Missouri.

Facing a New Reality

BNSF Logistics will continue to make bold investments in its business to remain a leading provider in transportation and logistics. The company has recently integrated its proprietary transportation management system (TMS) and updated its Customer LTL Portal, which increases its employees’ and customers’ productivity and savings. Additionally, BNSF Logistics further enabled ingenuity and creative solution offerings with the development of its Engineering, Procurement, Logistics & Transportation (EPLT) and Innovation departments.

“The market consistently asks us to combine our services in new ways for their unique needs, to maximize our technical expertise and our technology in inventive ways,” Ronning says. “We will continue to create and deliver modular solutions that enable our customers to deliver on their promise in a safe, competitive, and imaginative way. We win when our customers win.”

BNSF Logistics is a people-first, servant-based company that has a single purpose – to deliver what matters. Ronning concludes, “We are excited for our future together. We believe that with the combination of our employees expertise and imaginative solutions with our unique set of services and technology, the possibilities are limitless.”

BNSF Logistics’ vast range of solutions and logistics offerings include:

  • EPLT Services (Engineering, Procurement, Logistics and Transportation)
  • Supply Chain Consulting Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Over the Road and Rail Serices
  • Imports/Export Services
  • Asset-based Services: 20-axel Schnabel car, 12-axle depressed flat deck railcar, cranes, trailers, forklifts and more